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How I can help
you & your team.

I work with with teams, leaders, and changemakers to enable them to innovate and collaborate effectively in complex and challenging environments.

Team Coaching & Process Facilitation

Bespoke, single- and multi-day remote and live workshop formats and multi-week learning journeys in which teams strengthen their culture and explore and implement new ways of collaborating and co-creating. Core activities and intentions are:

  • Exploring, defining, and aligning on shared values, and a common purpose to strengthen their collaboration.

  • Establishing a learning culture, centered around adaptive and collective leadership principles.

  • Fostering the holding environment and psychological safety based on

    • integrating Nonviolent Communication

    • fostering awareness of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

    • collective sense-and decision making

  • Strengthening innovation readiness and adaptive capacity by building on the frameworks of

    • Adaptive Leadership

    • agile mindset and methods

    • LEAN startup and Design Thinking

Curious? Any questions? 


Team training & learning experiences

Live and remote workshops and training formats, based on experiential learning principles, tailored to individual needs and situations and addressing the following questions:

  • How can teams collaborate and co-create effectively in remote and hybrid settings?

  • How to adopt an agile way of working together?

  • How can we increase our innovation readiness, by implementing

    • user-centricity (Design Thinking) ?

    • the LEAN Startup approach ?

    • agile development and implementation (SCRUM + Kanban) ?

  • How can we establish decision processes that are participative yet efficient and effective?

  • How can non-violent communication strengthen our team culture by creating a safer space?

  • How can we deal with and learn from tensions and conflicts?

  • How do facilitate effective and efficient meetings?

Curious? Any questions? 

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