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Leading begins within
by, leading yourself first.
And this starts with 
clarity & focus
Clarity about who and how you are, why you do what you do,
and what is really meaningful to you.
Focus on the change that has to be made to advance your purpose and approach your vision.

Leading from within, with clarity & focus, means 

  • knowing yourself - your "Who", your "How" and your "Why"

  • integrating new perspectives to make new sense 

  • advancing your "Why", your purpose, in meaningful ways.

Aligning head, heart, and hand enables you to embody your authentic Self, to lead by example, and in:spire the people around you to innovate and make progress on complex challenges.

Your leadership journey starts from within.

Our 1:1 Process

Changing your behavior begins with changing your mind by augmenting your perception, and making your subjective being and doing the object of your consideration. 

Awareness  >  Understanding  >  Transformation

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My Approach: You!

I believe that greatness lies in everyone and that you bring all the resources you need to create & in:spire the life you want to live and the world you want to live in.

Based on this resource orientation I create a bespoke process tailored to your individual situation. In my holistic approach, which integrates four fundamental perspectives, I only use frameworks, methods and tools that are based on findings from neuro-, behavioral-, and developmental sciences as well as positive psychology which are proven to be effective.

Our map

Together we will take a 360° perspective at your individual situation and goals.

There are six fields that interact and influence perception, sensemaking and behavior in different ways, your

  • Self,

  • Values,

  • Beliefs,

  • Knowledge,

  • Competencies, and

  • Personality

Together we'll explore these areas and identify your purpose, that will become the guiding star on your path of unleashing your full potential.


Provides tools and methodology

Core Question:
What do I know?

Provide the potential for action.

Core Question:
What can I do well?

Determines identity and development
Core Question:

Who am I?

Form the compass of our life and provide orientation.
Core Question: What is really, really important to me?

Shapes and drives our action
Core Question:

How am I?

Determine perception and decisions

Core Question:

What does it mean to me?

Option 1
Individual 360° Trust & Inspire Coaching for Leaders, Founders, and Changemakers

1:1 Leadership Coaching to ...

  • align values, thoughts & emotions to enable you to act and lead with authenticity

  • gain clarity on your “Why” and define your mission that has the power to inspire

  • strengthen your physical, mental, and emotional resilience to be the best “You” in any situation


so that you can fully step into being the leader that you want to be, and

  • who leads with confidence, trust, and purpose, and

  • who inspires innovation and change, by

  • building trust and unleashing the potential of the people around you.

Let's talk and explore together how I can help you to inspire people to be great and achieve even greater things the world truly needs. 
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AdobeStock_321284014 (1).jpeg

Option 2
Navigating Your Future
for Next-Gen Talents in Transition

Are you in a life transition and about to make the next step into your future but you don’t know, how, why, or in which direction? Do you feel confused or overwhelmed by a plethora of opportunities and don’t which to choose and how to align your talents, needs, and dreams? Then I am here for you. 

I will help you to

  • Explore & Center your core, and make sense of who and how you are

  • Gain clarity on your purpose and actively shape it

  • Ideate & Visualize new futures aned an shape a compellint vision

  • Validate your intentions & attain your goals

Unleash your potential, life the life you want, and contribute to a new future in your own unique ways. A future that's worth living for. A future that needs you.

Let's talk and explore together how I can help you to make your next steps that feels good & right.  
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