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Transforming our world from within.

As an international coach, facilitator, and advisor, I specialize in systemic transformation that starts from within.
I work with changemakers, leaders* and talents to inspire their lives, their teams, and their organizations to make progress on complex challenges and co-create a thriving future for life on Earth.


Our World... complex and our future is uncertain.

The challenges of our times, no matter our roles or position, are pressing and sometimes seem overwhelming. 

To make progress on your challenges, I help you

leading yourself, leading others and leading together.

Together we cultivate leadership that is anchored in

values, presence, trust & purpose, 

leadership that inspires. 

Leadership = Caring + Choice + Action 

Being a leader is not tied to a position or authority. It's nothing you are, but something you do.
And it's a choice


When you care about something deeply and

you choose to ask others to care about it with you, and you then act effectively and collaborate with others to co-create a new future,
then you are leading.

Leadership is not about having the right answers but about asking the right, sometimes hard questions. It's about knowing and questioning yourself to lead yourself. About embracing complexity and the journey into the unknown.

Practicing leadership means helping others to 

learn and grow in order to make progress on complex challengesIt means fostering collaboration that build on trust, rather than control. 

Leading means inspiring -- yourself and others. 


And, if you didn't already know - it's a team sport.

Let me help you. 

Let me help you learn & lead

Partnering with 


 Let's talk and in:spire!

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